Returning to Guild Ball with Hunters

Hello Readers, I've made plans to play a game of guild ball coming wednesday.  Not sure yet if it'll happen with COVID-19 restrictions changing faster than I change my underwear, but hey, I like planning... Last few games I played I almost always chose my 6 players at random, but since it's been a while I think that would be a bad Idea. I've been dreaming about using Ulfr in my 6 so let's begin our preperations by downloading the new cards and find where Ulfr is and what he does.  We'll build from there. Player one; Ulfr: His traits show he likes a lot of terrain on the board (light footed) and wants to charge people (Ambush).  He also wants to go in first (Lone Hunter) or stay away from his teammates alltogether. With only a melee zone of 1" he's looking for a wrap to hit his Tackle and at least a 2 inch dodge or a where'd they go.  Paired with his movement this ability gives him a 10/12" move. And a shot from 8" away...

A brewer Game !

Hello Guild Ballers! It has been a while since I wrote a new blogpost. It has also been a while since I played some guild ball and enjoyed myself to the fullest... The reason behind that is the team I play.  The engineers... I can't get them to work for me and last week I played 4 games with them.  I only had the idea I was getting somewhere in one game (against Farmers).  I did end up losing, hey, if you don't roll a 3 with a bonus timed roll of 3 dice to do 2 dmg and kill Thresher you deserve the payback he brings right? I am going to play the engineers till the end of S4.  I'm stubborn like that...  So don't expect much feedback on here as I tend to go straight to bed after the games and had a shift in my job where I was robbed of free time (the time I used to post stuff Guild Ball related... ) I'm more invested in my other hobby with my free time now and that is beekeeping!  So see me come back here when the beekeepers guild comes out and I'm all

Struggling with engineers

Hello Guild Ballers, Not a fancy write up, but I'll give you some feedback of the tournament I went to in Hasselt Belgium, 16th of december 2018. I played Ballista for 4 Games together with Mainspring, Colossus, Salvo and Ratchet as my base. I felt like playing on the back foot every game appart form my only win against an inexperienced player fielding the solthecian church. I'll try to give you a quick rundown of my games. Game one I kicked with colossus and added Hoist as my flex slot against Blacksmiths.  The Blacksmiths hid the ball so colossus couldn't score turn 1 and closed in on me rather fast.  I couldn't escape my fate for long.  I held out fairly long but kept losing players whilst only taking out 2 myself.  As we were the only players still going at it we drew a bit of a crowd.  I ended up playing the clock to get to 7 VP but couldn't keep the blacksmiths away.  He scored 12 VP with 1 goal and 4 take-outs.  I could blame it on a bunch of stuf

The Testrun With the Engineers went a little like this:

Hello Guildballers, Let's have that review of what I did with the engineers last time shall we? I'm not sure how detailed my report will be since it was a long game, my opponent did field blacksmiths, but he just bought the box and opened it right before playing, so... Before we get to it I'll repeat the list I played and will show you what blacksmiths box my opponent bought.  That should save you from going back to my previous blogpost, but if you want to read it, please stop here and go read that first!   Previous Blogpost - picking a 6 man team with Cogs For the Engineers Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Salvo, Hariet and Compound saw the field. For the Blacksmiths we had Hearth as Captain, Alloy, Farris, bolt, Burnish, Cast. The Game Turn 1 I preferred to receive, picked up the ball and passed it down my lines, I shot Hearth with Ballista and Salvo and kept my distance while Bolt came running up looking to steal the ball.  The blacksmiths were spread ou

Season 4 Engineers

Hello Guild ballers, I planned to play butchers in Season 4, I may have touched upon this in previous posts, but circumstances prohibit me from doing so. As a result I posted a poll on my local community page of guild ball players with all guilds available up to this point and let them decide. The poll is still running at this very moment, but the engineers are 3 votes in the lead. (15 votes have been cast and 6 of them are for the engineers guild) I'm also going to a tournament sunday 16th december, the day prior I will end the poll and play whatever came out on top, saving my vote as a tiebreaker to have some form of input if needed. Tonight however I'm having a testrun with Engineers.  So in order to field a somewhat coherent 6 man roster I'm going to read over the cards and take notes on this blog to select my models.   My choices may not be solid or the best you can put up, but I'm more looking for models that 'click' with me or for a playstyle tha

GB Scrum and using the randomizer (a finalized unfinished draft, but I hate to waste)

Hello Guild Ballers, Today I'm going to try and figure out how to make this brewer team work against a hunters team. I'm playing a very good player in my local game store  WEC  today, in about 19 hours time. I hope to sleep some 5-6 of them.  But that's beside the point now. Randomiser: We both hit the randomizer in the app GB Scrum (I know it's not the offical guild ball app, but I like it) I got this team: Tapper, Quaff, VDecimate, Mash, Stoker and Lucky. I told my opponent as much and he told me he'd use the app in the same way.  I bet he didn't select 'any guild' since he doesn't own them all but still, he randomized a Hunters team. This is what the app came up with for him: Theron, Fahad, Chaska, Seena, Minerva, Zarola. When I look at this brewer team I'm supposed to pilot here's what I see: very little goal threat, a semi-good bruising team and an ok pushing team. Prepping: Lets look at the Stats I'm dealing wi

Scum, nailed to the door...

Hello Guild Ballers, Today I'll bring you a bit of speculation.  Working out who might have killed scum.  If you want to read where and how that happened, please do that first since it'll help you understand some of my reasoning.  The Fluff Let's round up the suspects first and then add next to them why they didn't (or did) kill Scum in my opinion. Tapper :  Did not do it : Still drunk and clearly not in the mood for driving the wedge into the guild. The story feels like he doesn't want the split to happen, so he has no motive to make it happen. He is reffered to by the traitor as having a look on his face. Did do it : After killing the cat and nailing her to the door (who else could've done it, isn't he the master brewer who 'lives' in the pub?  Would hammering a nail in the door not wake up everybody?) he got drunk barely able to live with what he did to set a plan in motion. What plan?  The split in the brewers is bound to happ